Historique de Cinagro

In the space of a few years, this craft production company has become a QUEBEC LEADER in the production and distribution of organic fertilizers and biostimulants. Its network now extends across the country, from Vancouver to the Maritimes.

Mission de Cinagro

CINAGRO is a production company manufacturing and marketing organic biostimulants for vegetables, ornamental and medicinal plants.

At Cinagro, our mission is to offer an organic option for producers and reduce our overall environmental impact.

Les biostimulants

Biostimulants are natural growth promoters. Their exceptional biological and physicochemical properties activate some metabolic and physiological processes within the plant. They help to increase crop yields, and while respecting a healthy soil management in a perspective of sustainable agriculture.

Their benefits are felt as much in flowering plants (angiosperms), than the grasses (gymnosperms) and trees. Biostimulants are used for growing varieties of vegetables, horticulture or medicinal plants.

Cinagro biostimulants are not considered as fertilizer. Indeed they integrate essential minerals (N-P-K) in lower concentrations to many other soluble chelated trace elements. In fact, these biostimulants contain both nutritious organic compounds, certain minerals in soluble form and beneficial living micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes). They are used for two purposes: as an addition to the soluble nutrients to the foliage or soil and to promote microbial life on the foliage or the soil.

Here are the many benefits of using biostimulants:

  • Increased germination and seedling vigor
  • Stimulation and regulation of plant growth
  • Increased crop quality
  • Improved resistance to infections and pathogens
  • They contain antifungal compounds
  • Helps the assimilation of chemical fertilizers while allowing to reduce dosage


BIO-WORM differs from other products on the market because it contains concentrated extracts of various red worm vermicomposts.

Red worm vermicompost is scientifically recognized for its high content of soluble trace elements and its strenght microbial activity (higher than in the traditional compost). This difference is due to the biochemical process of decomposition involving mesophilic bacteria and fungi which are stimulated by the activity of red worms.

BIO-WORM contains high concentrations of humic acids (40% to 60% higher than in compost tea) that activate the links between minerals, thus facilitating their uptake by plants. These humic compounds play an hormonal part similar to auxin, are antioxidant and have highly effective pest control effect.

BIO-WORM products have a high content of microorganisms, humic substances, growth regulators and soluble and chelated trace elements. They stimulate biological activity of the soil, plant growth and intensify the color of the foliage. They improve plant health while reducing fertilizer requirements (better absorption of nutrients). They do not burn plant roots (even in overdose).



GrÜv Rooting - 0.02/0.01/0.21
Stimulates seed germination and young plant seedling. Helps to the development of roots and rootlets on cuttings.

Its high content of sugar alcohols, iodine, phenolic and antioxidant compounds can reduce the risk of infections caused by cuts and thus increase the survival rate of young plants.

Promotes the intensification of enzyme and microbial activity around the roots to improve the assimilation of nutrients from the soil to the plant while causing increased resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases.

GrÜv Transplantation / Growing - 0.03/0.01/0.23

Activates plant growth while increasing tolerance to stress caused by intense growing season.

Enhances the development and proliferation of axillary and adventitious buds. The plants grow in dense foliage showing bright green.

GrÜv contains substantial amounts of betaine (from seaweed), of phytochelatines and powerful phenolic and antioxidants compounds. These elements are, among others, known to help plants adapt physiologically to environmental stress (water shortage, drought, cold or excessive heat).

They also ensure the osmotic adjustment in the case of an excess of salts in the medium, regulate the exchange of gases and neutralize toxic substances in the soil.

GrÜv Blooming - 0.1/.01/0.23
Intensifies the metabolism energy and photosynthesis in plants, accelerates the maturation steps of the flower and improves the number and texture of the resulting fruit.

Available sizes : 500ml, 1L, 4LFumier de vers de terre


All purpose organic fertilizer - 1.2/0.5/0.4

Odorless, does not burn if applied according to instructions. Without sphagnum moss, peat or earth added.

Format disponible : 15L

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